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C.B. Powell has been helping brands in Canada since 1945. We’re proud of that.

C.B. Powell has been around since 1945. One of our principals (Rick Bross, President Hormel Foods International Corporation) summarized our success in the industry quite well, “Longevity in the food industry can be fleeting, so being able to grow and prosper for 65 years is quite an accomplishment. To do so takes strong leadership, sound strategy and focus and, of course, core values; especially integrity and caring for people.”

We were founded by Cliff Powell (C.B.) in Montreal in 1945. Back then we were pure food brokers. Cliff spent many years in the food industry, first in the 1920s working for one of Canada’s earliest food brokers in Montreal and then as sales manager for B.C. Packers in Vancouver in the early 40s. Cliff’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start C.B. Powell in 1945. “In 1945, [my] dad left B.C. Packers and drove down the West Coast of the U.S.A., stopping in at food plants and asking manufacturers if they needed representation in Canada. Once he’d signed up six or seven clients he returned to Montreal to open up his food brokerage company – C.B. Powell Limited,” said Tim Powell, Cliff’s son and current C.B. Powell Chairman/CEO.

Today, C.B. Powell does so much more than just sell cases. We build brands. We’re buy-sell distributors. We’ve forged long lasting relationships with many of our principals and look forward to continued growth for each and all of our principals.

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