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Powell May International

Powell May International represents leading food ingredient processors from around the globe to the Canadian market. In addition to a full sales service, Powell May offers a complete range of corporate administrative services from importation to distribution and logistics. Ingredients supplied by Powell May are used in the manufacturing of sauces, condiments, frozen home meal replacements, yogurts, ice creams, snack foods and baked goods for the Canadian Market.

Powell May supports their client base through motivated, experienced ingredient sales team members, frequent customer calls and meetings, fast response to changing market conditions and continuity in sales coverage. They sell to customers from coast to coast, offering local warehousing, delivery and invoicing to customers. The Powell May Team constantly looks for opportunities to grow their clients business through their vast industry network. By staying in contact with all current and potential customers, they ensure that when the time comes to develop a customer’s product that they are in the running for that business.

Powell May essentially becomes yours Canadian business sales extension and aim for sales growth, brand recognition and quality service. With the merger of two established food brokers/importers, A.S. May since 1917 and C.B. Powell since 1942, Powell May International was established.

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