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Sales and Marketing

When talking about Sales and Marketing it’s important to look at Canada the way we do. Canada isn’t a melting pot of culture. We’re a cultural mosaic that celebrates and encourages diversity. Knowing the geographic and demographic makeup of our country is critical when it comes to sales. We’ve partnered with the best, most experienced and most professional sales partners for each of Canada’s regions.

Our approach to Sales is one that we’ve followed since day one and we still put to practice. It begins with a goal. Our goal is to achieve the maximum sales potential of each brand through market expertise and customer focus. This goal is measured and backed by a process we’re proud of.

We check pricing, inventory, stock rotations, product condition and verify planogram adherence on every call, ensuring the highest level of integrity possible.

We maintain regular sales calls at both retail and head office, ensuring a consistent effort towards the goal of each product.

We ensure products are positioned at the right price in the right place at the right time. We’re industry experts. We’re knowledgeable. We use this knowledge on each and every principal we manage.

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